Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Letter from the Front Lines

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

On Tuesday, the students at YBA Yeshivat Hesder Hagolan in Hispin received the following letter from their friends on active duty with the IDF Givati Brigade, serving on the Gaza Front. Certain details have been omitted for military secrecy purposes. 

"Dear friends,

We wanted to keep you posted regarding our situation. Over the past six months we have stationed on the border with Gaza, patrolling the border fence. It hasn't been easy, with 12 hour shifts of jeep patrols or lying in ambush for terrorist infiltration. The whole time we knew that there were four attack tunnels right under our noses, and we constantly asked ourselves 'why don't we blow them up already?'

On the first night of the operation eight terrorists came out of one of the tunnels and approached the fence, looking for someone to target. Just then, a patrol came by, and the company commander's jeep took a direct hit from an anti-tank missile. The commander, Amotz Greenberg, and his driver, Adar Barsano were killed on the spot. The rest of the patrol force returned fire, killing one terrorist; but the other seven managed to escape back through the tunnel.

On the third day of the operation, at about 1:00 p.m. we received our orders: to enter the Gaza Strip, locate all the tunnel entrances in the area and blow them up, eliminate any Hamas fighters we encounter along the way and return safely to base. 

Baruch Hashem, we all returned from the mission healthy and in one piece! 

It is just luck that Operation Protective Edge broke out during our mandatory IDF service; but we feel privileged that we were given the opportunity to actively defend our homeland. 

You should also feel priviledged for the opportunity to actively defend our homeland  -- your Torah study and prayers are what is protecting us here on the front lines. Continue to studying well and praying for the IDF's continued success!

Your friends on the front lines,
Aviad, Moshe, Dor, David, Eli, Matanel 
and all the other yeshiva boys and soldiers!"

Maj. (res.) Amotz Greenberg (46) and Sgt. Adar Barsano (20) were the 2nd and 3rd IDF soldiers to fall in Operation Protective Edge. 
Read the Jerusalem Post profiles of the 29 soldiers killed in action since the operation began.


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