Tuesday, July 29, 2014


YBA Sussya graduate, Yeshurun Tzoran (24) is a career officer in the Border Police, the Israel Police Force's paramilitary unit responsible for guarding Israel's borders from infiltration by terrorists. Last Sunday, Yeshurun put his intuition, reflexes and training to good use to do just that.

"I leaned into the car to turn off the engine and remove the driver from the vehicle. He began driving, dragging me with him. I pulled out my pistol, cocked the hammer and pointed it at him. While doing this I realized that the car interior looked very suspicious, like a car-bomb," explained Yeshurun ​​Tzoran, the Border Police officer responsible for the arrest of a Palestinian terrorist trying to cross into Israel to carry out a bomb attack.

The terrorist bomber that Yeshurun stopped and arrested later admitted in interrogation that he was on his way to blow up the car-bomb he was driving in the heart of Tel Aviv.

We congratulate you, Yeshurun, for your diligence and bravery in carrying out your mission. You have no doubt saved countless innocent lives. We are proud of you!

The following is a translation of the Ynet News report on the incident by Noam Dvir, Ynet News, 27.7.2014:

Foiled attack: "Driver was wearing a wig, with gas canisters in the car" 

Border Police officer Yeshurun Tzoran saw a suspicious car approaching his roadblock and ordered the driver to stop. When he saw the car’s contents, he drew his gun and stopped the driver: "I feel good" 

The incident occurred on Sunday morning near the checkpoint between Beitar Ilit and Tzur Hadassah. With the help of his Border Police unit and soldiers from the Taoz battalion of the military police, Yeshurun managed to overpower the driver and discover two pipe bombs, gas cylinders, explosives, and a detonator in the car. The driver was arrested and taken in for interrogation.

Yeshurun Tzoran was in command of the Border Police patrol that set up the spontaneous roadblock about 100 meters from the entrance to the checkpoint. When the suspicious driver approached they told him to stop. After he resisted the calls to halt, Tzoran pulled him out of the car and neutralized him.

- What made you suspicious of the vehicle?

"I saw that the driver was wearing a wig, big sunglasses and had a stubbly beard. I didn’t see what was inside the car until I was leaning in with my pistol pointed at him. The car was filled with gas canisters with colored wires between them.”

“There was no rear seat, only front seats - the entire back was full of gas canisters. My soldiers and the military police helped me neutralize the driver and then took him to the checkpoint. We closed the area and called in a bomb squad to neutralize the explosives in the car. "

Zoran explained that setting up spontaneous roadblocks a short distance from the permanent checkpoint is standard operating procedure in times of high tension or intelligence reports of potential terrorist activity in the area. "We are trained for just for such events," he said.

- How do you feel now?

"I couldn’t feel any better. I feel happy that we saved many lives in Israel. But then again, this is our job. I have no doubt that any of my soldiers would have done the same thing."

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