Sunday, September 21, 2014

IDF Chaplains convene at Yeshivat Hesder Shadmot Neria

Chief IDF Chaplain, Rabbi Rafi Peretz

A meeting was held last week of all chaplains serving in the IDF Central Command at the YBA-affiliated Yeshivat Hesder Shadmot Neria, at Moshav Shadmot Mechola in the Jordan Valley, to discuss the lessons learned from their experiences during Operation Protective Edge this summer.

In one of the joint sessions with students of the yeshiva who participated in the fighting in Gaza, the student-soldiers raised a number of concrete suggestions on how to improve the relationships between combat soldiers and IDF Chaplains during time of war.

Chief IDF Chaplain, Rabbi Rafi Peretz, a graduate of YBA Netiv Meir in Jerusalem, gave a Torah lecture to the yeshiva students, and used the opportunity to stress the immense power and fortitude of the Jewish nation, from the beginning of history until our generation. The strength and fortitude demonstrated by our soldiers and citizens under fire during Operation Protective Edge was yet another testimony to the heritage of strength that our people have always drawn from the Torah and our traditions.

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