Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Raising the bar: YBA Yagdil Torah Program inspires young Talmud scholars

Ben Landy (L) with YBA Chairman Rabbi Haim Drukman
and Yagdil Torah founder, Rabbi Dr. Yehuda Felix
For the past seven years thousands of boys have dedicated part of their leisure time to Talmud study, thanks to YBA's unique Yagdil Torah program.

The Yagdil Torah program is the brainchild of YBA's former Director of Education, Rabbi Dr. Yehuda Felix and its primary patron, Mr. Ben Landy. 

Students participating in the Yagdil Torah program commit to studying at least 50 pages of Talmud per year over and above their regular Jewish Studies curriculum. 

"Every generation of the Jewish people needs Torah Scholars," explains Mr. Lande, "The only way to produce first-class scholars is by starting to train them at a young age in mind-challenging study of the Talmud. I am happy to help provide incentives for these fine young minds to master the skills it takes to become true Talmidei Chachamim." 

In the past year approximately 500 students in 17 schools participated on the program and 170 successfully mastered the study material, achieving scores of 80% or better in the exams administered just before the summer vacation. In the recent ceremony presenting the students with their rewards, classic Jewish texts, Mr. Landy noted that the students collectively merited the study of over 10,000 pages of Talmud

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