Tuesday, December 23, 2014

UBA Pisgat Zev, Jerusalem wins Integration Award

Rosh Ulpana, Rabbi Rafi Kuperstock,
receiving the award
The Ministry of Education awarded UBA Pisgat Zev its annual citation for excellence in social integration. The award recognizes schools that serve students from a wide spectrum of socioeconomic and ethnic populations, yet provide each and every student with all the support he or she needs to succeed academically.

The ulpana is located in Pisgat Zev, a working class neighborhood in Jerusalem. While 50% of the school’s 420 students receive tuition reductions due to financial hardship, 96% of its graduates earn full matriculation for entry into colleges and universities – the threshold to gainful employment and a more secure financial future.

“We accept girls who in the beginning of seventh grade don’t believe in themselves,” explains Rabbi Rafi Kuperstock, Rosh Ulpanat Pisgat Zev, “We guide their progress and development so that they eventually become highly motivated to succeed. They expand their horizons and invest much effort in their community volunteer activities, as well as their studies.”

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