Thursday, January 8, 2015

Silicon Wadi trainees take off at YBA Beit Shmuel, Hadera

In their book, Start-Up Nation, Saul Singer and Ron Senor credited the Israeli Army, above all other factors, in creating the High Tech Start-Up boom that earned Israel the nickname ‘Silicon Wadi’ (Valley). Israel’s security needs have spawned a large cadre of creative young hi-tech engineers that have collectively raised Israel to a world power to be reckoned with.

But where do those young, flexible problem-solvers come from? Well, for the past four years, from YBA Beit Shmuel in Hadera, among other places. Four years ago, the school redefined itself as a Science and Technology high school, giving boys the option to take AP courses and earn Certified Technician degrees along with their high school matriculation certificates at graduation. This opens the door for them to do their IDF service in the technical fields, where they earn valuable experience leading to a career in Hi-Tech. This is just another example of how YBA schools are Training Israel’s Future. TM

IEC Orot Rabin Power Station, Hadera
(Israel National News)
During the last week in December, the future Hi-Tech engineers of YBA Beit Shmuel were hosted by the Israel Electric Company ‘Orot Rabin’ Power Station in Hadera to learn first-hand how the company is switching over from coal and oil to natural gas to fuel its electricity production. The students were treated to a tour of the station guided by two IEC engineers, Michael Rabinowitz, who immigrated to Israel from the FSU, and Yitzchak Ben-Baruch, an Israel-born son of Ethiopian immigrants.

“During the course of the tour we told the students about the hardships we had to go through on our way to becoming engineers,” said Rabinowitz. “The students could relate to our personal stories. I hope we helped motivate them to continue studying hard to make the most of themselves.”

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