Friday, January 23, 2015

YBA Givat Shmuel wins prize and praise

We are excited to announce that our YBA yeshiva in Givat Shmuel (near Bar Ilan University) was recently awarded the Ministry of Education’s Citation for Excellence for 2014-15.

From left: YBA Givat Shmuel Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Shraga Freuchter,
 Givat Shmuel Mayor Yossi Brodney and Deputy Minister Avi Wortzman
“We are very lucky to have such a fine school as YBA Givat Shmuel in our city,” said Givat Shmuel’s mayor, Yossi Brodney, at a ceremony in city hall recognizing the school. 

Mayor Brodney also had words of praise for the school’s Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Shraga Freuchter. “Rabbi Freuchter is one of a kind,” he said, “he instills in his students the values of Zionism and Humanism, love of the Land and love of all Mankind. He simply does incredible work that brings the city much honor and pride.”

YBA Givat Shmuel was originally established in 1976 as a three-year junior high school meant to be a feeder school for students to YBA residential yeshiva high schools around the country. It eventually transitioned into a full six-year junior and senior yeshiva high school in its own right. 

Approximately 100 of the school’s 600 students reside in the dormitory, while the others are bussed daily to and from the yeshiva from cities in the Greater Tel Aviv region. The Yeshiva is renowned for its warm, supportive atmosphere, and the school's scholastic achievements are among the highest in the country.

YBA Givat Shmuel
Beit Midrash Building
Deputy Minister of Education, MK Avi Wortzman credited Rabbi Freuchter for the school’s award: “You are one of the most outstanding educators in Israel; a model to be emulated. You have built an exemplary institution; a trailblazing yeshiva. You and your superb faculty believe in your students, and that is what leads them to grow, flourish and succeed. YBA Givat Shmuel is a leader in volunteerism, ethical values, Torah scholarship, good citizenship, and of course, also high matriculation scores.”

We are grateful to the Ministry of Education and the mayor of Givat Shmuel for expressing what we know to be true: our YBA schools are Training Israel’s Future.™

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