Wednesday, February 4, 2015

YBA students volunteer as Junior Fire Fighters
 All YBA network schools put a heavy emphasis on extracurricular voluntary experiences in teaching the Jewish value of Tikun Olam as a fundamental part of Training Israel’s Future.™ 

Besides volunteering in soup kitchens, kindergartens, nursing homes and shelters, many of our students undergo rigorous training to become paramedic assistants or Civil Service volunteers to man Magen David Adom (MDA) ambulances and Israel Police patrols in their spare time.

Israeli Junior Firefighter Cadets (israel21c)
Now, for the first time, a group of twenty students from YBA TO”M at Moshav Herev Le’et, have completed an intensive training course as Junior Fire Fighters, and have begun volunteering at the nearby fire station in Hadera.

“These students in effect double the size of the force we can send out in case of emergency,” said Alexei Girsky, the volunteer coordinator for the Hadera Fire Department.

One of the students summed up the motivation of the entire group saying, “I think that fire fighters are true heroes. They have very important jobs; full of action and responsibility. I saw this as an opportunity for me to volunteer and make a significant contribution to society saving lives. That’s why I signed up for the training course.”

Mincha prayer services at YBA TO"M
The school name, YBA TO"M, stands for Torah u’Mada (Torah and Science). It was established in 1958 as an offshoot of the first Bnei Akiva yeshiva high school at nearby Moshav Kfar Haroeh, and over the years has served as a Youth Aliyah Village for new immigrant boys who were trained in the technical professions where they could make a contribution to society. Over 2,000 technically trained YBA TO”M graduates have helped make Israel the ‘start-up nation’ it is today.

The majority of today’s 280 students are immigrants from Ethiopia, while others include native Israelis and immigrants from the former Soviet Union, India and France. Students may choose from computer, electrical and mechanical engineering tracks.

View this Hebrew language video to see the YBA TO”M award-winning campus and program: 

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