Sunday, May 31, 2015

Education Minister Naftali Bennett to students: "The key to success in any profession you choose is to deal with the future.”

Education Minister Naftali Bennett Goes Back to School

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Naftali Bennett is the new Minister of Education, and as such, has decided to do some field work. On Thursday morning, he left his office and went to visit an actual classroom with real students at the Carol School in Petach Tikva. But he wasn’t a passive spectator. He rolled up his sleeves and actually taught a math class to 6th graders, which was titled ‘The Importance of Numbers in the Environment in Which We Live’.Walla News was there and gave the minister top grades.
As part of the lesson, Bennett, who made his personal fortune in high-tech, taught them how a smartphone works. The purpose of the lesson was to show them that math is not just numbers, but could be “the next Iron Dome for Israel”.
The school was chosen at random but the lesson was not. Bennett has declared one of his objectives to be the improvement of the study of mathematics in Israel, something which has been waning in recent years, a situation he refers to as a ‘strategic danger’.
He was received by the students with a choir singing Israeli songs and introduced himself as “the math teacher for the day, called Naftali”.
He opened the lesson by asking the students what machine they would like to build, and received a number of responses, including a time machine and a glider.  He asked them, “What is common to all inventions?”
The students answered, “Imagination, technology, computers.”
“Have you ever taken a picture and sent it by WhatsApp or iPhone?” Bennett asked, adding: “Today we will learn how an image moves from device to device.” After a little exercise Bennett explained to students pixels, megapixels, and other concepts involved in the process.”
After the tour, Bennett said to the students, “The success of your generation will determine the mathematics of Israel’s success. Our challenge is to make you love the profession of science and mathematics, and to understand that the key to success in any profession you choose is to deal with the future.”

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