Monday, August 31, 2015

Who's the oldest gym teacher in Israel and why is he still teaching?

Yoram Ettinger
On September 1, Yoram Ettinger (70) will begin his 44th year teaching physical education at YBA Nachal Yitzchak, at Moshav Nechalim.

Ettinger led his first gym class at the boy's yeshiva high school in 1972, and still works out with his students in order to serve as a personal example of "a healthy soul in a healthy body."

"I have students whose grandfathers were my students!" Ettinger laughs. "I'm going to continue to teach and train with my students for as long as I'm able to - it gives me unbelievable energies."

YBA Nachal Yitzchak was established in 1955 as the fifth residential boy's yeshiva high school in the YBA educational network. In its heyday, the school served over 1,000 students. Today, 485 students attend the school in both residential and non-residential tracks.


  1. Yoram Ettinger is the most oldest gym teacher in Israel in this site and he is teaching from last 44 years.He has only one reason of teaching still because he has believe that teaching gives him energy.

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